• Ahae Elevates

    Altair, the Reaper of Stars Friend(s) Bard Rival(s): Soraka, Warwick

    An uncanny mage who bears the power of stars in its darkest form. She is called Altair, a former immortal . She dwelled in the heavens but unlike other celestial beings, Altair's duty was to monitor the lifespan of every living thing. Today, she roams the world of mortals after a big decision changed her life.

    Altair monitors everything filled with life may it be flora, yordles, animals, humanity, or heavenly bodies. Another part of her mission was to provide them energy through celestial magic. Since the League had started, Altair was fascinated by how humans and yordles manage to live within the Fields of Justice. She focused her attention on them and provided them with …

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