• Ahmed Blight

    Note: English is not my main langauge , helping me to fix my grammar and the skill details is appreciated.

    Note 2: I welcome any criticism to change what you think is OP or buff what is UP on this idea , by giving a reason to why this is OP/UP and compare it to other champions.

    |firstrows = 2 |firstname2 = Psycho Charge |firstinfo2 = (Active): Elza enhances her next auto attack , in the next 5 seconds gaining extra 400 range and turn her auto attack to charge. If the target is a champion Elza refresh the duration and can charge again dealing a bleed damage for 3 seconds to the next champion with no enhance damage (Can charge over and over as long as the charged into target is a champion).

    • Cooldown: 14 seconds

    |firstlevel2 =

    |secondname = Sacr…

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