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    I'm sure I'm not the first one, but I always wondered what characters from other video games (like Pokemon) would be like in League of Legends. The chance of pokemon being added as a champion in LoL is probably nonexistent, but I wanted to make my own theory on what it would be like so here's my first pokemon champion: Dragonite.

    Dragonite slashes a single target with claws infused with draconic energy. |leveling = |cooldown = 6 |cost = 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 |costtype = mana |range = 300 }} If Dragon Claw is casted within 1 second of casting Extreme Speed, Dragonite will use Dragon Rush instead. When used, Dragonite dashes to a targeted location. The target is damaged and knocked back to the targeted location. |leveling = |cooldown = 6 |c…
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  • Ahnlab27


    the Mad Painter

    Cost: [1] ? or [2] ?

    Primary: Assassin Release date TBA


    HEALTH 425 (+80) ATTACK DAMAGE 49 (+3.1)
    HEALTH REGEN. 7.00 (+0.55) ATTACK SPEED 0.684 (+3.0%)
    MANA 320 (+52) ARMOR 19 (+3.5)
    MANA REGEN. 6.9 (+0.6) MAGIC RES. 30 (+1.25)
    RANGE 125 (Melee) MOV. SPEED 345

    Chorma is a custom champion.

    Chroma is a champion designed to assassinate his target by isolating it in the painted world and weakening it with debuffs. He is also an entry for the second Custom Champion Contest.


    (does not stack) for 4 seconds. Chroma first (and only first) autoattack against the target with this debuff deals magic damage based on its missing health. }}

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