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  • Ahri-chan

    Hello again, people! Ahri-chan here with another blog tackling about a small idea that frequents my mind.

    Here's a very small introduction. I love roleplaying, and I am a very imaginative person that would love to know peoples' OC (own character) on the internet simply because on the internet you can become anything/everything you want: like a dazzling young noble in a high horse with telekinetic powers. Now, I know for a fact that there's just a lot of people on the internet who has their own personas and express them in either printed/drawn output.

    What am I exactly going on about? Since Riot has halted using "summoners" in lore and probably in everything, some people started to ask other people and themselves where did it go. Some people …

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  • Ahri-chan

    Hello, and good day to all of you. I am writing this blog post to share my thoughts on the game's Co-op vs. AI mode.

    We all know for ourselves we've been through this gamemode since we started playing League until we reach level 10, 15.. or some people just did jump to normals after choosing their summoner name! And here in this blog post, I am tackling about how bots behave, and some ways I think will improve this game mode.

    Let's start with the basics.

    People sometimes use this mode as means to practice their mains like , and even . And I personally think there would be little improvement for the players just because the bots aren't redefined. I mean, you'll definitely get bored on practicing your newly-bought main while you face against ,…

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