Hello all, I'm Ajraddatz, and this is my attempt at coordinating some effort to improve navigation and search engine optimisation!

Why is this important?

Both easy navigation and search engine optimisation are of immense importance to our viewers, and we want to allow them to find our content fast. The better we are at these two things, the more viewers we will get, and as a result we might even get new editors from it.

How do we improve SEO and navigation?

We improve SEO and navigation by doing three things:

  • Creating redirects from common misspellings of a page name to the correct page.
  • Creating disambiguation pages for ambiguous names that might be searched. E.G. Boots.
  • Creating templates with a list of related pages and ensuring that all of the non-champion pages have links to other related pages on them.
  • Ensuring that all pages are categorized, creating more categories as needed.

A great tool exists to see what people are searching for, Special:SearchDigest. Take a look there and create some of the redlinks!


For editors involved in this project, there are three awards that I award to people who are active in improving SEO and navigation.

  • The redirect award will be given to those who have put significant effort into creating useful, purposeful redirects to existing pages.
  • The disambiguation award will be given to those who have put significant effort into creating useful disambiguation pages.
  • The categorisation award will be given to those who spend considerable time categorizing pages and images.

I will award these on my own judgement, but feel free to nominate a user other than yourself for them on this blog. Awards will be presented in the form of a ribbon to be displayed at the top of your userpage, though I haven't made them yet. ajr 20:40, October 22, 2011 (UTC)