I heard that ShyvanaSquare Shyvana celebrates it. :D

Well... jokes aside...

A Day Dedicated to Shyvana

A warm welcome to November as Winter draws ever near, for today is the 2nd anniversary of our favorite dragon (don't lie to me, you don't like the Dragon, EbonmawSquare Ebonmaw is dead, and Ao ShinSquare Ao Shin isn't released yet), ShyvanaSquare Shyvana!

Akali ShyvanaSquish

Appreciating the Dragonborn

Release Shyvana

Anyone else remember Shyvana on release? She was an awesome bully back then. :3


And she still is. A powerful, mobile, hard hitting, mixed damage bruiser, Shyvana dishes tons of damage, and can tear up entire teams that are packed together in dragonform. A strong jungler with great clear speed and counter-jungling potential, she also doubles as a powerful top-laner, able to duke it out and bully against even the toughest bruisers in top-lane.

Lore and Character

While not having the greatest lore (it had to be changed about 3 times or so), Shyvana's character as an angry, lonely outcast could be further explored, and I'd say, is one of the more interesting backgrounds in the League.

Critical Thinking

Shyvana needs a new splash, Rito pls.

Besides that, I think she could use a slight model rework. Just tone her up, make her look more muscular and menacing. She IS a Half-DRAGON, after all.

Also, has anyone noticed that Shyvana sort of lacks a consistent look between her classic and her skins? Besides classic and Ice Drake, she tends to have human-like skin, pale, compared to the ashen-blue skin that she was introduced with.

What's new for the Dragonborn?

Currently, I don't think she needs buffs or nerfs anywhere. Maybe just an extra ability while in Dragonform, perhaps?

As I said above, gameplay wise, I'd like a slight model rework, while lore wise, I think Shyvana could use a little more attention, and perhaps more relationships.

What do you guys think?

Closing Statement

That's all for now. This is my second champion anniversary blog post so far. And you can expect another one very soon this month.

Hope you guys enjoy your November~