Recently, after seeing the Legendary Nocturne skin, I've felt that Riot is using alot of robo-tech for ideas on Legendaries. Aside from that, my favorite champions lack Legendary skins. So I thought... why not design legendary skins for them instead? Sure, they'll never be made, but hey, it's still fun~

So, here are my ideas for Legendaries, tell me what you think~

Lady Tigress Akali

-Wears a sleeveless judogi, with a white top and a black bottom

-Wears a white tiger-fur sash

-Tiger tattoos on her left arm

-Kamas attached to her hip, designed with a tiger motif, and the Kanji '力' and '修' etched on each, respectively

-A tiger mask is optional

-Moving in grass/Twilight Shroud gives her a prowling animation, Crescent Slash causes her to swipe her kamas in a swift motion, rather than spin, and Shadow Dance gives her a pouncing animation.

Phoenix Blade Irelia

-Wears crimson red armour, gilded in gold and silver

-Armour has a avian motif, such as feathers on her shoulder pads and plateskirt

-Blades are designed to resemble wings.

-Mantle of Decorum has wing decorations, and a fire glows in the centre during her passive

-In addition to the glow, Ionian Fervor causes spirit blades to appear and form wings behind her

-Her blades burst into flames during Hiten Style's active, and glow slightly during it's passive.

-Activating Transcendent Blades causes her to leap into the air for a brief moment, setting herself ablaze.

Ebon Blade Riven

-Wears black clothing, with light armour pieces (elbow pads, knee pads and gloves)

-Has a shoulder pad on her left arm with a tortoise shell motif, with an arm band resembling a snake coiled around her right arm

-Hair is tied loosely

-A slight white feather motif around her clothes, in contrast to the black colour of the rest of her clothing

-Spell effects are in white

-Blade of the Exile causes the turtle shell and snake to reform her blade, causing it to glow brightly. Riven is also granted wings during the duration

-During Blade of the Exile, movement and ability casts leaves a trail of white feathers

Azure Wing Shyvana

-Gradient red-blue hair, flowing freely

-Wears light platemail, with a tabard bearing a dragon insignia

-A small kite shield is tied around the back of her hip

-Her gauntlets have blades attached to them

-All spell effects and flame particles are coloured blue, except burnout

-Burnout causes her hair, spell effects and flame particles to turn white

-Her dragon form has most of the armor and blades intact, while the kite shield is attached to the tip of her tail.

So far these are my only ideas. Tell me watcha think, and put up your own ideas for legendaries as well in the comments. I'll update the post with ideas I like ( will credit ) and anymore ideas I make up.

And I'll make artwork for all these, prolly.