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  • AkimitsuSevecan

    Deserax, The Sound Scout is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    or 6(3level).


    Deserax causes a sound wave to project in a targeted direction that deals Magical Damage to all it passes through. The first enemy hit is silenced for 1 second. Enemies past the first one hit takes 5% less damage, down to a minimum of 60%.

    |leveling = |cooldown = |cost = 50 |costtype = mana |range = 750 }}

    This is the description for W's passive ability. This showcase the basic layout for an ability with a passive ability.

    |description2 = This is the decription for W's active ability with bonus health scaling and mana scaling. |leveling = |leveling2= |cooldown = |cost = 100 |costtype = mana |range = }}

    Any enemy champions that cast abi…
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