Leila, the Lightning Princess.

Leila is an AP or if you want an AD, based on her spells. Her attack animation is like this: she has a wand-like stick with an orb and she shots little lightning bolts. Her ultimate is similar to that of Ezreal's.

INNATE: Redirect

Whenever Leila's basic abilities hit enemy champions, she gains stacks of Lightning Rod, up to a maximum of 10 stacks, which lasts until consumed. The next enemy champion ability that hit hits her when she has at least one stack of Lightning Rod, she takes the damage but negates the effects, consumes all stacks, and a lightning chain will be redirected to the enemy champion, stunning them for 1 seconds, and deals 125 magic damage and another 30 magic damage per stack.

Q SPELL: Energy Ball

Lela throws a ball of pure lightning energy at the target area dealing 85/100/140/200/245 ( 1 ap: 0.65 added damage) magic damage over 2 seconds and slows them by 35% during the duration. This gives her 2 stacks of Lightning Rod when it hits at least one enemy champions (no additional stacks for more than one enemy champions hit).

W SPELL: Lightning Streak

Passive: Leila's basic attacks restore 7/8/10/12/15 mana. This effect is doubled against enemy champions.

Active: Leila shoots 3 streaks of lightning in a cone in front of her dealing 75/90/120/160/200 ( 1 ap: 0.5 added damage) ( 1 ad: 0.6 added damage) magic damage per streak and gives her 3 stacks of Lightning Rod if it hits enemy champions. If an enemy is hit by multiple streaks, they receive 20% more damage.

E SPELL: Lightning Burst

Leila instantly electrocutes all nearby enemies around her dealing 65/90/125/180/220 ( 1 ap: 0.8 added damage) magic damage and gives her 2 stacks of Lightning Rod if it hits enemy champions. If it deals a killing blow the cooldown is refreshed.

R SPELL: Nuclear Lightning Shot

Leila channels fr 1 second then fires a nuclear shot of pure lightning in a line in front of her dealing 250/450/600 ( 1 ap: 0.7 added damage) ( 1 ad: 0.8 added damage) magic damage and deals 6 % less damage per unit it passes through down to minimum of 40% damage.

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