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Champion Concept- Sarge, the Boomerang Huntman

Sarge, The Boomerang Huntsman.

Sarge is a ranged AD champion. He uses his boomerangs to attack which he refer to as his "boomers".

INNATE: Wicked Ricochet

Sarge has a 35% chance of his attacks to riccochet to up to three targets, dealing 85% of the damage to the first bounce, 75% to the second bounce, and 65% to the third chance. If ever he critically strikes, he applies Grievous wound to all the enemies bounced.

Q SPELL: Boomer Orbits

Passive: Sarge is surrounded by 2/3/4/5/6 boomerangs, each dealing 20/30/40/50/65 ( 1 ad : 0.75 added damage) magic damage as it passes through units.

Active: The boomerangs surges to the direction they are currently pointing, each dealing 65/90/130/180/215 ( 1 ad : 0.75 added damage) physical damage, and deals 6% less damage up to a minimum of 70% and slowing them by 45%.

W SPELL: Sonic Boomers

Sarge hurls a big boomerang in line front of him dealing 70/100/140/180/225 ( 1 ad : 0.4 added damage) physical damage to all units hit and knocking them aside. While traveling to its' maximum range, it leaves a trail of sonic waves behind, increasing the movement speed of allies by 35% for 2 seconds, and decreasing the movement speed of enemies by 35% for 1.5 seconds.

E SPELL: Dash N' Strike

Sarge dashes in a straight line in front of him, dealing 40/55/75/95/120 ( 1 ap: 1 added damage) magic damage, slowing them by 40% for 1.5 seconds, and stealths him for 4 seconds. He can also perform another dash with the same damage during his stealth and it extends the duration by another 4 seconds.

R SPELL( ULTIMATE): The Spinster

Sarge teleports behind the target and begins to spin rapidly, throwing 3 boomerangs each second for 3 seconds to up to four other nearby enemy champions each, dealing 45/60/80 ( 1 ad : 0.7 added damage) ( 1 ap : 0.8 added damage) damage per boomerang.

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