• Alartan

    In last year Riot did really turned this game upside down. There existed few plain design traits, which were respected until now. Lest take fast look at those former rules:

    1. No trolls expect Trundle

    That was simple, a player actions could not disturb teammate actions directly. There were exceptions like structure creation, but roughly all the champions couldn't troll friendly players. Now there are 3 champions that are able to friendly-fire: Kalista, Tahm Kench and Bard. That was important, because in DoTA friendly fire exists and trolls are considerably more influential. That can be a good thing, but maybe players want to have a choice?

    2. Champions have names.

    That was a big thing, because in DoTA heroes ale called after characteristics li…

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  • Alartan

    Personally, as an inexperienced software developer myself, I was interested how is League of Legends maintained. When browsing Reddit I found an oppurtunity to ask some question to Riot employee CapoFerro. He is a senior software developer (Ruby language).

    Let's just skip to the point.

    1. What do you think about recent flood of bugs (I mean many severe bugs after every patch)?

    Part of my job as a Software Engineer is to make sure we get better here. One personal passion of mine is automation and testing, and how to deal with the unique problems in testing video games. The more we automate, the fewer chances there are for a human to make mistakes when writing or deploying features. The more we write automated tests, the more confident we can b…

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  • Alartan

    Here I would like to show some problems involving IP based League system. How it really works and how does it influence the game.

    First of all I will count how much IP a player needs to have all the champions and runes.

    Champions come in different prices:

    • 11 for 450 IP,
    • 21 for 1350 IP,
    • 25 for 3150 IP,
    • 33 for 4800 IP and
    • 30 for 6300 IP.

    To buy all 124 champions one needs nearly 480 000 IP.

    Runes are not so cheap too, assuming one buys only pages in "2 for price of one" bundle and need around 7000 to fulfil it, one rune-page costs 10 000 IP.

    20 rune-pages cost 200 000IP.

    Combined price of full gear of champions and runes is around 700 000 IP currently.

    Is that much or not? What that number represents?

    To answer that, let me show how long one needs to pla…

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  • Alartan

    Cooldown reduction is a special stat in League of Legends. Cdr has an out of ordinary pattern in nearly every aspect. I would like to point out some.

    Most of stats have gold efficiency as flat gold value. Percentage stats (ex. % MS in )  increase gold value per stat.

    In most cases we can look at value of certain stat as relative increase too, ex. if champion has 2000HP and buys 500HP more, he has 25% increased value, if champion has 1000HP and buys 500HP it's 50%. From that point of view to maintain efficient development player should boost his already gained stats by others (health, armour, magic resist | attack damage, speed, critical, armor penetration | ability power, magic penetration, cooldown reduction).

    From both points of view cooldo…

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  • Alartan

    During my games I spotted one strange thing - in all recommended item sets for junglers are . I think that's big misconception and it renders many viable champions useless. Obviously, professional jungle players widely use Mobilities on champions, but is it really the only choice? On opposite side are , those are bought rarely. Are they that bad?

    In this little discussion I provide my own point of view with some in deep explanation.

    Lets see about what I'm writing:

    800 gold
    +25 movement speed. Increases to +105 movement speed when out of combat for 5 seconds.
    1000 gold
    +60 movement speed.
    Movement slowing effects are reduced by 25%.
    Other boots:
    1000 (up to 1200) gold
    +45 movement speed
    statistics and unique passives

    Boots of Mobility - the cheape…

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