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  • Alciefrederic

    Nothing new, in short. Just another of your average mage champ, no new mechanics, nothing. Pretty boring.

    Honestly, I think the people at Riot need more creativity, their champs' mechanics are pretty limited, every now and then there's an interesting champ, but the rest are really similar to each other, in the sense that if you can play one, picking up another isn't that hard.

    DOTA is so much better in terms of variety of mechanics. A large portion of its champions have unique abilities that can seperate their playstyles completely from the rest.

    If you take the two newest champions from DoTA for example, Kaolin and Nerif, they have really interesting abilities and mechanics that I bet an average LoL player probably will have no idea how to u…

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  • Alciefrederic

    Bad and rager. Not only he sucks but he thinks he's the best player in the world. He's feeding ? Not his fault. The other champ is just OP (I remember having a Xin Zhao saying that he's a late game champ and he's going to outscale the opponent Darius who he fed 0-7 in no time). Opponent jungler camping (yet he pushes like there's no tomorrow, with no ward). Others do not jump in with him (or jump in to help him) (yeah sure, let's 3v4, with a 0-4 champ, and them having baron buff, sure, why not. The other time I have a Tristana Rocket Jumping into tower for no reason while the opponent laners still have like ~50% health and there's a Taric, I said stop doing that nicely (with XD and all) and he told me why didn't you jump in with me, by the…

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