Bad and rager. Not only he sucks but he thinks he's the best player in the world. He's feeding ? Not his fault. The other champ is just OP (I remember having a Xin Zhao saying that he's a late game champ and he's going to outscale the opponent Darius who he fed 0-7 in no time). Opponent jungler camping (yet he pushes like there's no tomorrow, with no ward). Others do not jump in with him (or jump in to help him) (yeah sure, let's 3v4, with a 0-4 champ, and them having baron buff, sure, why not. The other time I have a Tristana Rocket Jumping into tower for no reason while the opponent laners still have like ~50% health and there's a Taric, I said stop doing that nicely (with XD and all) and he told me why didn't you jump in with me, by the way did I mention I am a squishy assassin and not a frigging bruiser ?). Other laners are ganking his lane (the other day I played with an Annie who's already feeding mid, my opponent at top came to gank him once, I called mia like 10 times the very moment I didn't see him coming back from warding, and that Annie blamed all her failures on me ??) And if you died once and lost your tower because his fed opponent laner came ganking you because he's not worth it anymore ? God forbid, he would pour all his crap on you and call you a feeder (hey buddy, I'm 1-2, I was 1-1 before your oppponent laner came and ganked me, whom you fed by the way, guess it's all my fault huh ?...) And worst of all, he tends to go intentionally feed if we stop listening to his "shotcalling", taking some creeps from his lane or not giving him blue. So you have rager+bad player+feeder combined into this fecal matter of a player, what more could you ask for really ? I always wonder what kind of ego you need to have to be able to talk trash when you're the worst player of the team.