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    June 5, 2014 by AlexAegis


    Do not steal my idea, its on my page now, every moderator can see who puplished it first, and i have the sketches, on my Google Keep, and Drive.

    ps. I used Syndra's page to make this one so you can found many elements from there :D

    If you read Hael's abilities, you will probably wont understand how these are works so I show you a few combo by example:

    Full Combo in a teamfight:

    E - Sending out a Wave behind our target

    E - Teleport to the Waves position.

    Q - Dash back to our team along with the target enemy champion (E cd reset)

    E - Dealing damage, apply Empty Stance to cast our Ultimate

    R - Finish him.

    So the shortest possible way to Ult with Hael is a Q E R.

    Hael's abilities have no cost and their use is limited …

    Read more >

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