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    Udyr uses the stance mechanic. His abilities all have a persistent effect which remain until he activates another ability. Each ability also has temporary activation effects that occur upon being cast; the temporary effects of each stance persists for its full duration even if Udyr switches stance. Switching stances sets off a -2- second global cooldown.

    Monkey's Agility

    Each time Udyr switches stances, he gains 5 movement speed and 10% attack speed for 5 seconds. This effect can stack up to 3 times. At three stacks Udyr receives 5% less damage from AoE skills.

    Tiger Stance*COOLDOWN: 6   COST: 50 energy

    STANCE ACTIVATION: Udyr gains attack speed for 5 seconds. Udyr's first attack after activation will severely decrease target's armor f…

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