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  • I live in Lithuania.
  • My occupation is I have not occupied any countries.
  • I am Male
  • AlexHawks

    Hello, AlexHawks here. 

    All of the helpless souls who are searching for help. All of the hungry souls who are looking for more food. All of the pig souls that are begging for skin. And all of the silly people who believe in souls. Welcome.

    Welcome to my blog post, where I, AlexHawks, am about to teach you many things about how you, people, and you, normal beings can use this Knowledge I will provide you to play certain champions in unconventional roles, as, say, Akali. Although after all of this Knowledge provided to you, you might feel a little fat.

    Now, putting silly, not understandable to majority jokes aside. Although as this might be simple to you, kind Sir, this might as well be as difficult as Mathematics. Let's start. (This blog is a pr…

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  • AlexHawks

    |date = |health = 90 |attack = 80 |spells = 100 |difficulty = 2 |hp = 480 (+30) |hpregen = 55 (+0.8) |mana = 1000 (+100) |damage= 1 (+10) |range = 1000 |armor = 16 |magicresist = 30 |attackspeed = 1.005 |healthregen = 5.9 (+0.2) |manaregen = 7.2 (+1.4) |speed = 360 }}

    Transforms a target minion or monster to a giant mouse which has 100000health, 1attack damage, 2.5attack speed and attacks all the creeps it meets, seeking them out.

    |cooldown= |cost= |costtype=mana |range=2000 }}

    Transforms the map to the MOON

    |cooldown=35 |cost=2000 |costtype=mana }}

    Thows cheese to an opponent

    |cooldown= |cost=1 |costtype=mana }}

    Turns baron to a mouse

    |cooldown=180 |cost=500 |costtype=mana }}

    • Sniff.
    • Snaff.
    • Time to EAT.
    • My tails are shiny.

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  • AlexHawks

    Hello there, AlexHawks again.

    I'm here with the second part of 'support in the MID lane'. I do feel quite dirty past days, because I didn't have any Cold showers lately, tho I will still try to get this post to Maximum efficiency. So lets jump right into it.

    One of the less known Mid laners, ' is a great counter to most of the squishy Mid laners. People don't really know his Mid lane potential. but it's really, really high.  and  both scale 100% of AP. Also, his  has a great passive (Every 2.5 seconds, Blitzcrank fires a lightning bolt at one random nearby enemy unit, dealing magic damage to it. This is not affected by cooldown reduction, and will not target enemies in stealth) which deals 300magic damage (+20% AP) at max rank, every 3.5second…

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  • AlexHawks

    Hello, it's me, AlexHawks.

    I'm going to talk about Challenging the Meta with unconventional picks for mid lane, particulary in this case, supports. Keep in mind that this will be only PART 1, since I can't write everything in one post that quick.

    I guess it's rather obvious that some potentional supports (,  ,  and even ) can go mid and perform very well. However though, practicly all supports can make an awesome performance at the MID lane.

    I was presented to "Support in a mid" idea by a friend a year ago, and it took me a while to really get used to it. Supports in mid have their owns advantages and flaws, so lets get moved to it.

    Nunu is quite well known mid laner to some people, but alot of people haven't discovered it yet. Nunu has consist…

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  • AlexHawks


    |date =  

    |health = 80

    |attack = 100

    |spells = 20

    |difficulty = 2

    |hp =  520 (+30)

    |hpregen = 5 (+0.8)

    |mana = 410 (+50

    |damage=  59 (+4)

    |range =  125

    |armor =  30

    |magicresist =  30

    |attackspeed =  1.446

    |healthregen = 4.8 (+0.2)

    |manaregen = 2.2 (+1.3)

    |speed = 325 }}

    Autoattacking an enemy champion below 50% Health marks him with a magical yellow liquid which inscreases all the damage dealt to him by 20percent (10sec cooldown)







    Dihoggy channels for 2seconds, then becomes untargetable (and unable to make any action) for 10seconds, after 10seconds he can recast the ability to use it again three times before it goes on the cooldown.





    Spawns a small dog in a random place of map , which h…

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