• Alexwilldraw

    A video showing the concept and some of the steps

    Concept of Mordekaiserpicture

    Mace of Spades picture

    I really liked his visuals back then when I started playing March 2010, but at some point they his model was made smaller and for instance when Morde was next to Ezreal he looked silly, which sucked balls really. RIOT made him bigger with one of the last patches so - thank you RIOT. But for me and probably for some of you that just won't do - I mean the new champions look incredible and not cartoonish AT ALL To the point now. A few days ago I heard some LoL songs - REALLY FUCKING COOL SONGS (especially The Legend by The Yordles). So one of those songs was 6v4 by AoDMusic and what can I say - I got freaking inspired. And here is the result. …

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