• AlistarBull

    So,  the champion Xin Zhao is a very viable jungling champion in the current meta. I may be saying this because he is the champion that best fits my play style, being tanky and doing lots of damage and still greatly supporting the team. With all of this in mind I usually build MR and Armor, but is this the best item build? Honestly, in my mind,  it is the best for my play style, althought that is not what Iam saying, is this build the best build OVERALL?

    To find this out we must take a few things into account, if you build full MR and Armor you dont do much damage in a fight, but if you build full AS or AD you are very squishy. You may be thinking, why not balance the build so that you do plenty of damage and are still very tanky? Well, theā€¦

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