So some of you may have discussed this topic already but lets talk about it anyway since we might find something useful later on. Here goes.

One day I was playing Tiger Udyr Udyr as top against an Aatrox Aatrox. We were quite even at the beginning but the enemy Evelynn Evelynn who was pretty good and got overfed coz of the early ganks which gave her team quite the upper hand. 25 mins into the game and our team was losing really badly like 30/10 and we were just prepared to lose. I tried to secure my red buff when I realised that the enemy Aatrox Aatrox was there. The Aatrox Aatrox had Blade of the Ruined King item.png Botrk, Berserker's Greaves item.png Greaves, and a Tiamat item.png Tiamat while I only had Bilgewater Cutlass item.png Bilgewater Cutlass, Ninja Tabi item.png Ninja Tabi and a The Brutalizer item.png The Brutalizer. Amazingly enough I came out on top despite having less items which I myself font see how I won the fight. 

So this makes me wonder about one thing.

The topic

So who do u think is the strongest duelist in League of Legends?

Some hot candidates could probably be :

( EDIT : Oh and i forgot to mention. [1] Udyr especially deserves a special mention )

I know I forgot to mention quite a few but I'll leave it to you guys.

Who is the king of 1 vs 1 in the League. And by that i mean a duel 1 on 1 to death. Discuss.