When I get bored, I make champion consepts...

Name:Nameless ghost (I lack creativity...)

Attribrutes: Melee, assassin/fighter mage




Attack damage:Good




Magic resist:Medium

(No fixed numbers...)


Passive(Noname):Nameless ghost can move through units freely, (+ another benefit, no ideas for it though)

Q: Posses(Active): Nameless ghost becomes untargetable and dashes an medium range, dealing weak magic damage(scales with ap) to small minions and monsters he travels through, if he encounters an enemy champion, large minion, or monster, he disappears, fearing the enemy and dealing magic damage to it for a few seconds(duration and damage scales with skill level, damage scales with ap). After the duration, Nameless ghost reappears next to the enemy. Cooldown:High Can be canseled by activating the skill again.

W:Chilling presence(Passive): Passive:Enemies in a close radius of Nameless ghost have their attackspeed and movement speed reduced.

W:Chilling presence(Active): Target enemy is dealt magic damage(scales with ap) and has its attackspeed and movement speed reduced equal to double of the passive's slow, the passive it not in effect when the skill is on cooldown. Cooldown:Medium/high

E:Soulfragment blade(Active): Nameless ghost spins his sword around, dealing physical damage(scales with attack damage) and magic damage to all enemies within melee range, the magic damage is equal to a percent of the damaged units current health(low percentage, 6-8 or so at skill level 5), the damage is capped against monsters and minions, Nameless ghost then gains a buff that will make his next basic attack deal additional magic damage equal to a percentage of the damage dealt when activating the spell. Nameless ghost will not automatically attack minions or monsters when he has the buff, the bonus magic damage decreases rapidly after not attacking for 0.5 seconds. The maximum amount of damage that can be dealt is capped. Low cooldown but high mana cost.

R:Haunt:After a brief channel Nameless ghost becomes untargetable and an area around him(about the size of Maokai's ult) will deal magic damage(scales with ap) over time and slow enemies that walk into it, the damage over time will also increase for each unit(be it allied or enemy) that dies within the area up to a cap. When the ult is over Nameless ghost will appear again. Normal ultimate cooldown.

Probably OP, but I dont care, I do this for fun, also, please excuse my english, it not being my first language and all, I was also really tired while writing this...