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  • Alterrea

    Welcome, fellow Summoners, and thanks for reading. Today, I'm going to write about the various issues with the champions' kits. So, let's begin, shall we?

    One of the major determinig factor in today's metagame is the presence or lack of a gapclosing/speedboosting/escaping ablity in a champion's arsenal. While they still have Flash or Ghost to compenstae, they are Summoner Spells with high cooldowns, so they are often unavailbe in the most needed situations. And that is the reason for the increasing popularity of the dashes/flashes. This was the very thing that inspired the famous blue build . While this is a huge determining factor, it does not make or break opinions. How is that  is so unpopular, despite having a long-range escape? While o…

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  • Alterrea

    Adapting the meta

    July 22, 2013 by Alterrea

    Welcome fellow Summoners, I'm writing this because I'm bored a bit  to find out/reveal the possible ways/directions of the adaptation to the current meta.

    The meta in the current game can have may meanings. While the current meta, we can say, is the duo lane with a marksman (it's called now by Riot, and we should adapt, but for the oldschools its hard carry/ranged carry nevertheless) and a support, two bruisers/casters/assassins on the two sololanes (in any combination) and a usually bruisrr/tank jungle. If we look strictly, it's a adc/sup bot, caster mid, bruiser top and tank jungle. But we would like to understand the meta (and through it the changes to it), we should realise that it's more than the roles and their positions. It contains th…

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