• Altimitt

    Rip Vanstein

    Innate Passive:


    Careful calculations are a must for a time-traveler. Every attack raises Rip Vanstein's magic penetration by 5. Maximum of 4 stacks. Upon using a skill, stack resets to 0.

    [Q] Skill

    Has-himof Bomb

    Throws a bomb made of Future Components, if it explodes in the present time, it will slowly erode anything it will come into contact with. Bomb is thrown in an area and deals damage per second anything that comes into contact with it.

    CD: 10/9/8/7/6

    90/95/100/105/110 (+70% AP) Damage per second. Stays in an area for 2 seconds

    [W] Skill

    Rift in the Time Continuum

    Traveling back in time is serious business. So serious that not one thing should be touched in the past as it will have serious repercussions for ev…

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