Rip Vanstein

Innate Passive:


Careful calculations are a must for a time-traveler. Every attack raises Rip Vanstein's magic penetration by 5. Maximum of 4 stacks. Upon using a skill, stack resets to 0.


[Q] Skill

Has-himof Bomb

Throws a bomb made of Future Components, if it explodes in the present time, it will slowly erode anything it will come into contact with. Bomb is thrown in an area and deals damage per second anything that comes into contact with it.

CD: 10/9/8/7/6

90/95/100/105/110 (+70% AP) Damage per second. Stays in an area for 2 seconds


[W] Skill

Rift in the Time Continuum

Traveling back in time is serious business. So serious that not one thing should be touched in the past as it will have serious repercussions for events in the future! Once every 4 attacks, Rip Vanstein unintentionally opens a rift in the space and time continuum, dealing damage in a small area and slows every enemy champion caught in it for 3 seconds.

CD: Once in every 4 attacks. Slow: -10% movement speed reduction

100/110/120/130/140 (+50% AP)


[E] Skill

Back in time

Not only does Rip Vanstein travel back in time, he can send others back in time as well. Teleports an enemy or allied champion to their location 3 seconds ago. If an allied champion is targeted, the cooldown of this skill is halved, if an enemy champion is targeted, an additional damage is inflicted

CD: 26/24/22/20/18

70/80/90/100/110 (+20% AP)


[R] Skill

Time Paradox

Rip Vanstein disregards his code of not tampering with past events and proceeds to teleport to a target location. Upon landing on the target location, Rip Vanstein begins to channel huge amount of power for 3 seconds and gaining a shield which blocks any and all incoming damage towards him. If he succeeds in channeling the spell, a burst of energy will be released and every enemy champion will? suffer damage and be slowed. If the shield breaks before he can finish channeling, he will lose half his mana and will cancel out the damage and slow portion of the skill.

CD: 120/100/80 Slow: -30% movement speed reduction

Shield: 300/400/500 (+50% AP) Damage: 110/130/150 (+110% AP)