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    Ssannaniel, High Reckoner

    October 25, 2013 by Anasigma

    If there is one thing the league's angelic sisters, Morgana and Kayle, could agree on, it is their respective hatred for Ssannaniel. Clad in red armor and carrying in gigantic axe, this angel which seemingly comes from the same world as the enemy siblings has walked and flown through Valoran, denouncing the exactions of both their sides to all who would listen-an attack to two of its protegees the league could not tolerate for long.

    Thus Ssannaniel received two provocations at the same time-one from each sister. They both said the same thing, in different terms : live up to your words and fight us, or stay shut. To an angel, regardless of who he aligned for, this was very serious offense. But Ssannaniel didn't bother : She went to the leagu…

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  • Anasigma

    Ashling, the Pilgrim

    August 2, 2013 by Anasigma

    |date = I point at you and laugh |health = 20 |attack = 20 |spells = 100 |difficulty = 90 |hp = low/low-mid |mana = high/mid-high |damage= low/mid |range = 550/150 |armor = low/mid-low |magicresist = 30/30(+1.5) |attackspeed = low/mid-high |healthregen = low/mid |manaregen = high/mid |speed = 330/350 }} Ashling, the pilgrim is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    while she is the Extinguisher.

    "I move and travel, looking for freedom;
    I will raze your path, make you martyrdom." }}

    A bright flame cleanses the soul of target enemy, dealing it damage every second for 6 seconds and revealing it. The purifying fire increases the movement speed of allies as long as they remain close to that enemy.

    "Walk along the road, illumination; |leveling=



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  • Anasigma

    Yes, she does have a lore. C'ept I'm not english, and redacting long texts in english is far beyond my competence. You'll just have to guess most of it from abilities and quotes and whichever.

    Pros :

    • Excellent utility on rather short cooldowns.
    • Long-ranged spells.
    • Never stops scaling.
    • Can regenerate her entire life very quickly if left unchecked in a lane or a fight.
    • Most damaging spells are AoE.
    • Potentially very slippery with Q+W.
    • Ult can mess a teamfight up.

    Cons :

    • Melee attack.
    • Requires a lot of farm to be effective.
    • Laning without pushing or using too much mana is hard.
    • Scalings are far from fantastic.
    • Can't really do anything by herself.
    • Long cooldown on ult.

    note : nothing in the balance is definitive. Everything can change depending on feedback or …

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  • Anasigma

    Did I already mention how bad my redactional abilities are ? Because they are bad. So nope, no background for you. Muahahahahahaha.

    |date = potato |health = 30 |attack = 100 |spells = 10 |difficulty = 90 |hp = 413 (+74) |mana = 181 (+35) |damage = 48 (+3.2) |attackspeed = 0.652 (+3.01%) |range = 550 |armor = 13 (+3.2) |magicresist = 30 |healthregen = 5.3 (+0.7) |manaregen = 6.2 (+0.42) |speed = 320 }}Shand, the queen of hornets is a fan-made champion concept on the League of Legends Wiki.

    • Do note that she's the champion with the lowest starting movement speed (yes, below anivia). This is way overcompensated by the movespeed she passively gains from her abilities.

    Every additional …

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  • Anasigma

    Downpour, the abyss' wake

    January 17, 2013 by Anasigma

    Downpour actually has a lore, but my redactional abilities in english are atrocious. Wich is why I won't bother hurting your eyes with it.

    |date = January 14th, 2013 |resource = Mana

    |health = 60 |attack = 20 |spells = 90 |difficulty = 90

    |hp = 440 (+82) |mana = 260 (+59) |damage = 40.6 (+2.5) |range = 125 |armor = 15 (+3) |magicresist = 30 (+1) |attackspeed = 0.588 (+2.9%) |healthregen = 5 (+ 0.5) |manaregen = 7 (+0.69) |speed = 340 }}

    AP for the next 6 seconds. This effect stacks up to four times.

    | firstname = Hollowslime | firstpic = Psykolog downpour Q.png | firstinfo = (Active): Calling to the abyss' wildlife's energy, a ball of magic slime is projected at the target…

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