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    Hello people Legion here again to bring you another wierd blog post. We apologize for our increasing inactivity. Work ( or school/collegue for 2 of us) has been very time comsuming.

    We rebember a  blog post made by a fellow user about giving some champions the pokemon types. We decided to go ahead and not only give types, but give a full pokemon-like-moveset to some champions.  You could help by adding some in the comments :P, as only the personal favorite of each one of us is going here ( you know, we can't make all the hundred something champions)

    For those who don't know the Pokemon system very well the Bulbapedia could help you. On any case, moves are eighter "physical" or  "special" ( come very handy as they are almost equal to those i…

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    Just making this list for my own amusement and to spark some discusions. Bear in mind that I'm likely wrong in some because (as everyone) I have a sort of personal headcannons.Open to discussion.

    Also, the order they appear in each tier does not reflect their power. The champs on a same tier are all nearly as powerful as each other if not equally.

    • Champions who have a:
      •  * are Eldritch Abominations
      • + are between good people and The Hero
      • -  are Mad (For whatever reason)
      • ~ are Pure Evil  (Or almost, everyone has got at least one clean spot. Right?)
      • ¬¬ are Lawful Stupid (Never mixes with The Heroes or Good people).Some Demacians tend to be this.
      • ° are of Questionable Morally (Does not mix up [never] with Pure Evil). This champs may be viewed as evil but in rea…
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    What is a troll in League of Legends?. If you google it one of the first answers you will get is ( from one of the official LoL forums) "In this game it means doing anything even the slightest bit out of the "ordinary" " .There were also other answers, but I think this is the one that fits the most. ALL forms of trolling may cause teamates to  rage and flame.

    As the title refers this is when you just did something very, very slightly out of the ordinary, and it is due to lack of knowledge or an especific tactic. For example rushing a , a newbie may see WOA  A ******* OF AP MUST GET FIRST, they may not realize they are wasting the passive, one of its components is hard to build without kills , not to mention that early on the laning phase mages…

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    Classifying Mages

    October 5, 2013 by Andre5913

    Here I'll take the up the aspect of : How does a mage/assassin has his/her/it damage spread out? It is very important to know what champion would more properly fit into certain compositions.

    This are champions who are experts at making the opponent die in the blink of an eye, if not less time. This champions skills have no particular channel time or have to "prepare" before hand to make someone explode. They just need everything off cooldown.They also have high mobility. Offering very little reaction time as their full blast of damage happens in less than 1 second, fragile team members should keep their distance.

    • , he can blow a 2.1 (+Lich Bane) AP burst instantly, delivers an OH-KO to any glass cannon champion by late game or mid game if fed…

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    Champion Synergy

    March 15, 2013 by Andre5913

    League of Legends Champion to Champion Synergy is when two or more champions in League of Legends have the capability to combo, kill, or survive very well together or in a group.

    Now theoretically, nearly all champions have some form of synergy or dis-synergy, but this article will only cover the extremely well known and popular synergies of League of Legends. This article could literally include thousands upon thousands of different popular synergies and compositions, but it will be restricted to compositions used frequently in ranked play or professional play.

    For example, one of the best synergies between two champions in the game is:

    • &

    This is due to Katarina's lack of mana, allowing Amumu to constantly take the blue buff for himself in or…

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