League of Legends Champion to Champion Synergy is when two or more champions in League of Legends have the capability to combo, kill, or survive very well together or in a group.

Now theoretically, nearly all champions have some form of synergy or dis-synergy, but this article will only cover the extremely well known and popular synergies of League of Legends. This article could literally include thousands upon thousands of different popular synergies and compositions, but it will be restricted to compositions used frequently in ranked play or professional play.

For example, one of the best synergies between two champions in the game is:

This is due to Katarina's lack of mana, allowing Amumu to constantly take the blue buff for himself in order to give him a lead in the jungle. Their ultimates also synergize: Amumu's large AoE stun and Katarina's large AoE ultimate can lay down heavy, heavy damage in a matter of seconds and has the potential to burst the enemy team to death in an instant.

Some other well known synergies include:

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