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Lore-wise Champions Power Tier list

Andre5913 February 21, 2014 User blog:Andre5913

Just making this list for my own amusement and to spark some discusions. Bear in mind that I'm likely wrong in some because (as everyone) I have a sort of personal headcannons.Open to discussion.

Also, the order they appear in each tier does not reflect their power. The champs on a same tier are all nearly as powerful as each other if not equally.

  • Champions who have a:
    •  * are Eldritch Abominations
    • + are between good people and The Hero
    • -  are Mad (For whatever reason)
    • ~ are Pure Evil  (Or almost, everyone has got at least one clean spot. Right?)
    • ¬¬ are Lawful Stupid (Never mixes with The Heroes or Good people).Some Demacians tend to be this.
    • ° are of Questionable Morally (Does not mix up [never] with Pure Evil). This champs may be viewed as evil but in reality they are social outcasts, protecting their family or just using unorthodox methods. Most Noxian fit, but also a lot of other champions. I think is the most common tag

In some cases there is a brief comment of why it is in the tier or about their tags

Tier One

Commands all-mighty, supreme power. Apparently unkillable. Right now this list is actually empty. This is because everyone here is just super handicapped for some reason. Also, having one of the guys here at full power would be stupid OP by all League standarts

  • °-*Xerath Xerath: All mighty superpowerful creature. Pretty much a god. However I have to elavorate. Most people tend to overestimate Xerath. You see, Xerath is not Omnipotent. There is a why:  He can be defeaten. Most of Shurima got together for that, but they managed to beat him and lock him in a cage
  • -Zilean Zilean: Potencialy the god of Life and Death, capable of manipulation of reality itself.  Powers held back due to a sickness tied to this powers. Currently more about Tier Two or Three
  • Soraka Soraka: Supremely powerful celestial being, fallen into disgrace. Currently about in Tier Two
  • Draven Draven:
  • The Real Baron Nashor

Tier Two

Wields god-like powers. Capable of leveling whole cities

  • ~*Brand Brand: Capable of literaly setting fire to the World
  • ~*Lissandra Lissandra: Ascends to Tier One if "The Watchers" return
  • ~*Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks
  • °-* Malzahar Malzahar: Able to summon other Kog'Maw Eldritch Abominations. Will eventually bring the Apocalipse. About ° and not ~ I'm sure there is something human deep inside him
  • °*Mordekaiser Mordekaiser: If you are wondering about Questionable Morallity: "Aren't you also a prisioner Mordekaiser?" I smell that Morde was not a bad guy in the first place. Currently an *, but apparently by force
  • Syndra Syndra: She is not yet on the level of lets say Free Xerath. She will be up there soon anyways, but still has much to learn
  • Aatrox Aatrox. Never ~, He just lives to fight, not necesarily evil.
  • ~*Karthus Karthus
  • °-*Morgana Morgana
  • ~Vladimir Vladimir Just realized how powerful is Blood Bending. Definitly a tier up
  • °-+*Lulu Lulu. Fully unique tag. She is seen as a atrocity amoung the Yordles, she is freaking nuts, yet she is good and nice, but her morality is also very questionable.
  • ¬¬°Kayle Kayle
  • ~*Cho'Gath Cho'Gath. He has always been Goh'Gath to me. It sounds better
  • Ryze Ryze
  • °-*Vel'Koz Vel'Koz He doesn't care about anything, he just wants knowledge above all. Not even the void means anything to him if compared to knowlodge.Not truly evil
  • +Karma Karma
  • Veigar Veigar
  • °-*Varus Varus
  • ~*Nocturne Dreamworld Nocturne
  • +Anivia Anivia
  • ???Jax Fully Armed Jax: We know absolutely nothing about him
  • The Real Vilemaw

Tier Three

Uses incredibly powerful magic or ultra-mega-super-human strength. Some of them get this power by wielding powerful artifacts.Capable of killing entire armies on their own, or the exact opposite. On any case insanely powerful. The mayority of champions sit here

Tier Four

Most of them havs extremely advanced and training in martial styles and physical combat, mainly using their brute force or old guns.A few use magicks. Most of them could also very likely take on an entire army. The border between this and Tier Three is thin and usually determined by usage of magic. While it can be completly different in game, Veigar could just make Jarvan explote if he wanted or Lux could just instantly lazer kill Master Yi.

I might have forgotten a couple, I really don't know, but point it out if you notice

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