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    Notable Team Compositions

    December 24, 2012 by Andrew.heo1

    Everyone knows the "standard" meta - ranged DPS bot w/ support, solo lanes mid and top, blah blah blah. But that's not everything; champions need to have synergy with each other. I'll be listing here a few team compositions I've seen from Normal games to Tournaments. Any additional information you guys can provide will be really helpful.

    Area of Effect

    This team comp was know for a long time, since was released. Basically, choose champions with large area-of-effect ultimate abilities, either ones with high damage output or CC-lock. In team fights, everyone presses R to win. would be proud.



    • Anti-initiate champions (, , et cetera)
    • Avoiding team fights in the jungle
    • Not grouping up too closely
    • Split-pushing/backdooring

    Split Push/…

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  • Andrew.heo1

    Everyone eventually gets tired of hearing the same music again looping for 20~70 minutes. You may as well listen to HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA that entire time.

    So you would something fresh, but to what? Obviously you need to play a continuous mix so you don't have to continuously Alt+Tab to switch to another song.

    What I like to listen to is music that doesn't distract me from the game. For example, songs that have lyrics can prevent me from understanding what my teammates are saying in voice chat. I like listening to soundtracks and OST stuff in general such as Fire Emblem : Radiant Dawn . It makes me wish I could play Wii again :P

    Of course, I don't always listen to it. I do enojy listening to radio stations and whatnot, but Pandora's become una…

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  • Andrew.heo1

    After consecutively failing as a jungler, I've been playing support champions more often. I get and along with s, s and . Then I upgrade to Tier 2 boots, buy a , , and more wards. I've been doing it like this since dinosaurs roamed the earth, and I've never thought of changing this core build until recently.

    Then while I was playing some matches, I've noticed that the supports of both teams tend to add in their build. Some sell the item later in the game. Others build it into (coughcoughcoughcough). I've seen the results of this item to either:

    • rake up a load of gold late game
    • completely hinder the support's item build
    • have rage for accidentally buying it instad of a standard tower dunking build, replace all his items with an AP carry bui…
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