Everyone eventually gets tired of hearing the same music again looping for 20~70 minutes. You may as well listen to HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA that entire time.

So you would something fresh, but to what? Obviously you need to play a continuous mix so you don't have to continuously Alt+Tab to switch to another song.

What I like to listen to is music that doesn't distract me from the game. For example, songs that have lyrics can prevent me from understanding what my teammates are saying in voice chat. I like listening to soundtracks and OST stuff in general such as Fire Emblem : Radiant Dawn . It makes me wish I could play Wii again :P

Of course, I don't always listen to it. I do enojy listening to radio stations and whatnot, but Pandora's become unavailible in Canada >.< I do enjoy listening to French songs (Okay, the verses in that song is in Arabian, so kill me.) when I play FioraSquare Fiora and I like talking in an accent which if any Quebecois or native French speaker heard, I'd get a baguette shoved up my rectum.

I also listen to some house music such as Archie and deadmau5. And no, I didn't get brought to Archie by SivHD. This song was playing on Z103.5, and I happened to bother to actually look for it on the YouTubes.

So my question to you is Just read the title.

P.S. Here's the results from my last blog, just need to get enough IP:

  1. IreliaSquare Irelia
  2. JaxSquare Jax
  3. GarenSquare Garen