• AngELoStryderZ

    Angelo & Angeal is 2 different  male champion came from where Kayle and Morgana originate.... Both of them are Morgana and Kayle baby brother.... They are not in either side(neutral) but trying to reunite their family and bring their sisters back to their world to fight back againts the invasion of the Darkin on their world... 

    Both champion

    Passive- 1st, Tag Team= Whenever his twin in game as ally granting him 10% atk spd, mov spd, mgk resist, armor.

    2nd, Seraph= Their ultimate can't be deny by any mean including spell shield and item shield..

    Angelo, The White Seraph (support, range)

    he is handsome white winged angel with throwing knife as his default weapon

    Q- Deny= (active) next auto attack will deny enemy armor and magic resist +100%(AP) dm…

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