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  • AngeMusicien

    After trying nearly all of the potential AD carries in the game, it came to me that no one did a comprehensive tier list of all the possible AD carries INCLUDING the good but strange ones (like Sona or Malzahar). So here I go ! Only ranged allowed :-) If you want to try some strange thing, why not checking this first ?

    TIER 1 and 2 are playable in ranked. TIER 3 can be played in ranked but will be a little hard.

    TIER 4 is for fun in normal. TIER 5 is the troll tier : you won't have fun, and you probably will be useless.

    29-11-2011: created. Sivir moved from TIER 2 to TIER 1.

    List of the champ with their tier. You can find details and explanations in the other chapters.

    TIER 1:

    Graves Vayne Tristana Ezreal Sivir

    TIER 2:

    Kog'Maw Sona Ashe Ca…

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  • AngeMusicien

    They said to me they need two paragraph on myself playing LoL, and two paragraph on my favorite character. I'll let you decide which ones are on which ones - but it will probably answer both. You're probably more clever than I am anyway.

    In small rooms stinking alcohol, back in time, back in france - I never left anyway, never left france and never left this time - in small rooms stinking alcohol, I was surfing on some high ethanoholic blue screens... Little characters, little characters... Honey, go to bed - little girl, little girl is so alone - why don't you put some yuri avatar and go to bed already ? It's late in the night... Little girl is bored - four o'clock in the afternoon and I didn't feel like much - said to myself, where are you…

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