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    AD carry for solo q?

    June 27, 2013 by Animeotaku

    I used to main mid lane (yeah, I know, as pretty much everyone), but my usual premade team and my ranked team are lacking good AD carrys, and I'm far to be the best mid laner of those teams... SO, I decided to go man mode and start to main AD carry, and starting with Quinn , I noticed some things I was lacking and some I really wanted that she did't have, like instant mobility, but I was fine with cleanse + ult.

    I will first try to master the AD carry mechanics in solo q before playing it in ranked matches or with premade teams, and once I master the role, then I will think about getting AD carrys that need their own team comp, like "protect  Kog'Maw with your ****ing lifes!".

    So tell me people, nowadays, WHO is the best AD carry for solo q? …

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