I used to main mid lane (yeah, I know, as pretty much everyone), but my usual premade team and my ranked team are lacking good AD carrys, and I'm far to be the best mid laner of those teams... SO, I decided to go man mode and start to main AD carry, and starting with Quinn , I noticed some things I was lacking and some I really wanted that she did't have, like instant mobility, but I was fine with cleanse + ult.

I will first try to master the AD carry mechanics in solo q before playing it in ranked matches or with premade teams, and once I master the role, then I will think about getting AD carrys that need their own team comp, like "protect  Kog'Maw with your ****ing lifes!".

So tell me people, nowadays, WHO is the best AD carry for solo q?  When only my support is going to try to protect me and peel for me (if he/she does, because I'm tired of those "mage" supports that don't ever buy a ward and steal farm like crazy).  Also, I don't care if the champion is very difficult to learn/use like Draaaaaven, I will just start right now.

Probably, the things that are going to have the most impact in this decision are: mobility (dash /blink ), snowball potential, self-peeling (CC ), steroids, duel power, a way to deal with assassins... Etc.

Thanks for the info and sorry if my English is not clear ^^

EDIT: Thank you all, I'm going to start with Varus, because I love his theme, casterish nature with Q, easy last-hit,  he can fight toe to toe with Draven in his OP laning fase and he has no mobbility, so I will learn better positioning with him.