• AnonymousTheSpy

    Karma is, by far my favourite champ, always has been, ever since I joined in February 2011.
    Quite coincidentally about two weeks after Karma had been released.
    I like her spam casting style, her role in a good coordinated team and the mechanics of her abilities.
    I honestly don't think she needs a rework. Perhaps just a buff. And some well needed community attention.
    Unfortunately she doesn't seem to fit into the current Meta as, I find, she excels most with close combat champs like Xin and Kennen.
    See, the problem is she's labelled as a support, and she's a good support, but she needs a team to know how her abilities work to be most effective. I find she's more effective as an AP mid due to her sustainability and farming potential.
    So I would c…

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