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  • AntiZig

    Item History Format 2

    April 27, 2011 by AntiZig

    Alright so after the first attempt we got 2/3 decided. Results and previous discussion you can see at Forum:Item Recipe Changes. Now, since previous format produced inconclusive results to a second question we decided to go back to regular type of voting we have been using. So, drum roll...

    For complex items that that have a recipe that consists of multiple components. When one of the component items experiences a cost change, the affected items that use the modified item as part of their recipe will have the total cost affected due to the change. Should this type of change be noted as part of the item changes history? If yes, which format type would you prefer?
    Example: recently heart of gold cost has decreased due to recipe change. Because…

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  • AntiZig

    Hello all. Me and Sam were trying to deck out the formatting to go with for the patch notes. And we ran into some disagreements. So, we decided to put it up for a community vote. Here's the details:
    Poll Subject: Patch Notes formatting.
    Voting Closes: March 15th.
    Issue: When ability/item/spell/etc only has one change to it we agreed that it would be listed on the same line. Now the problem we got is that Riot has been listing the changes in one format and the wiki has been following it more or less, while I propose to use a different format, which I believe to be grammatically correct over Riot's.
    Argumentation: the following information will list the argumentation for each option available.

    Voting Closed. Colon format to be used from now on. Ref…

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  • AntiZig

    I've been going through the jungling info the wiki has and came across this particular line: "As of patch, a jungler is capable of leveling up faster than a solo lane." I have a problem with that claim. I would really like to know based on what was this claim made? Now the problem I have with it, is that through all my experience of jungling with various champions, I have never, out leveled a solo lane. I was able to level about 50% faster than a double lane, yes that I've done with a few champs that are able to clear the jungle particularly efficiently without going back to heal. But out leveling a solo lane you have to literally sit in the jungle past lv6, also you have to have absolutely no competition in the jungle (ie enemy …

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