Alright so after the first attempt we got 2/3 decided. Results and previous discussion you can see at Forum:Item Recipe Changes. Now, since previous format produced inconclusive results to a second question we decided to go back to regular type of voting we have been using. So, drum roll...

For complex items that that have a recipe that consists of multiple components. When one of the component items experiences a cost change, the affected items that use the modified item as part of their recipe will have the total cost affected due to the change. Should this type of change be noted as part of the item changes history? If yes, which format type would you prefer?
Example: recently heart of gold cost has decreased due to recipe change. Because of this change, Randuins Omen total cost has changed accordingly. So we are asking should we note that this change occurred on the Raduin's Omen item page under patch history or not. If yes, which formatting would you prefer?

  1. No need to list this change.
  2. Note the change, format as: total cost changed to x from y.
  3. Note the change, format as: cost of component item increased/decreased resulting in total cost change to x from y.
  4. Note the change, format as: total cost changed to x from y (component item increased/decreased in price).
  5. Note the change, format as: component cost changed: component item increased/decreased to x from y. Total cost changed accordingly.

Alright. If anything else is concerning you please bring this up now, as we are almost done with the formatting decisions and once we reach a decision on this question it will be going straight into Manual of Style. Thanks for your participation.


Option 1 Do no document the change

Option 2 formatting

  1. AntiZig

Option 3 formatting

  1. Sil

Option 4 formatting

  1. Zelgadis87
  2. Exiton
  3. KazMx
  4. UberTri125
  5. D3Reap3R
  6. voss
  7. NeonSpotlight
  8. Sam 3010
  9. Cidem1324
  10. Technology Wizard

Option 5 formatting


  • total cost changed to x from y (component item increased/decreased in price by z)
    1. Vyrolan