I've been going through the jungling info the wiki has and came across this particular line: "As of patch, a jungler is capable of leveling up faster than a solo lane." I have a problem with that claim. I would really like to know based on what was this claim made? Now the problem I have with it, is that through all my experience of jungling with various champions, I have never, out leveled a solo lane. I was able to level about 50% faster than a double lane, yes that I've done with a few champs that are able to clear the jungle particularly efficiently without going back to heal. But out leveling a solo lane you have to literally sit in the jungle past lv6, also you have to have absolutely no competition in the jungle (ie enemy team does not have a jungler and doesn't make any attempts to gank you). I am of course not considering extreme scenarios where your solo lane is a terrible feeder, so by the time you hit 6 in jungle he's been to the fountain 5 times. In such case you can OBVIOUSLY out level a solo lane.

However, I was trying to gauge which champions would have a possibility of reaching lv6 faster than a solo lane, given the solo has to go back to fountain the same amount of times as the jungler or less. Can anyone give me an idea of a list from fastest to slowest junglers out there?