Hello all. Me and Sam were trying to deck out the formatting to go with for the patch notes. And we ran into some disagreements. So, we decided to put it up for a community vote. Here's the details:
Poll Subject: Patch Notes formatting.
Voting Closes: March 15th.
Issue: When ability/item/spell/etc only has one change to it we agreed that it would be listed on the same line. Now the problem we got is that Riot has been listing the changes in one format and the wiki has been following it more or less, while I propose to use a different format, which I believe to be grammatically correct over Riot's.
Argumentation: the following information will list the argumentation for each option available.

Voting Closed. Colon format to be used from now on. Refer to Formatting Guidelines

Current Proposed
Ravage Ravage cooldown reduced to X from Y. Ravage Ravage: cooldown reduced to X from Y.
  • This is the format Riot uses to list their changes as.
  • Keeping this format would require less work, since larger part of the patch notes are already formatted this way.
  • The rules of English grammar are not as restrictive as we are inclined to think. Nouns are commonly used as modifiers to other nouns. More importantly, the new format does not increase comprehension.
  • This option is more grammatically correct over the one Riot is using.
  • Having a colon makes it a proper sentence.
  • Even if it's more work, having proper formatting is making the wiki better, instead of blindly following Riot.

Why change? Lets take it apart:

  • Ability name - this is a noun
  • parameter - this is a noun too
  • increased/reduced - this is a verb
  • rest of sentence...

Now the problem is that you have 2 nouns at the beginning of the sentence, which one of them is the subject of the sentence? The latter one obviously, that being the parameter that was changed in the patch, because the verb relates to it. Then we have to deal with the 2nd noun, which is the ability name, since there are 2 nouns next to each other, but they don't relate to each other grammatically (and only one of them is the subject of the sentence and the other one (ability name) is extraneous). So, in terms of proper English you have two options of dealing with the situation while keeping both as nouns:
"Ability's parameter changed this way" OR "Ability: parameter changed this way."
The latter option is preferred in our case.

That's what the whole deal is about. You are welcome to support either option or suggest your own, but please do so before March 15 so we have some input from the community.

Final Vote Count:

Current Format: 11

  • Sam 3010
  • Anon 1
  • Halifix
  • Anon 2
  • Zelgadis87
  • Mr Lovely
  • Kungming2
  • Cidem1324
  • Kalexander
  • Anon 3
  • Anon 4

Proposed Format: 15

  • AntiZig
  • Exiton
  • Kaduja
  • NeonSpotlight
  • KazMx
  • D3ReapER
  • Lucky3309
  • UberTri125
  • Numerion
  • DivineAvenger
  • SpiderBoy193
  • Mistralet
  • Reilock
  • Krellnus
  • Steelhat

Alternate 's format: 3

  • Searz
  • Numerion
  • Mistralet

Voting Closed. Colon format to be used from now on. Refer to Formatting Guidelines