Varen is melee assassin who can go into stealth. He has lots of escape abilities but not a done of damage. Varen is attack in short bursts then go back into hiding.

Lore: Ever since Varen was a young boy he was always stealing and breaking into peoples houses. Growing up in Noxus as a orphan Varen needed to do whatever he could to pay for food. One day a stranger told him he would pay him 10000 gold for cane, Vares agreed and went to find it. He was told it was in the Noxian palace when he went into it he noticed Swain was sleeping so he snuck in and swiped the cane just as Swain woke up. Varen managed to escape with the cane and was payed handasomely. When Varen went back to the orphanage he noticed it was burned to the ground and everyone in it had been killed, in the distance he could see Swain walking away. Ever since then Varen has been lurking in the shadows, waiting for a chance to strike.

"You never truly appreciate something until it is stolen from you" - Varen

Passive Master of Disguise: When ever Varen gets a kill on a enemy he disguises himself as them for 6 seconds. (he can still be attack while changed but will not appear as a enemy.)

Shiv Throw: Throws a shiv in a skillshot slowing enemies it hits and dealing damage. When it reaches it;s max ranged it will return to Varen dealing more damage to enemies it hits

Flash Bomb: Varen drops a flash bomb under him stunning nearby enemies and dealing damage, Varen will also go into stealth for 2 seconds after using this spell.

Shadow Slash: Varen's next attack will dealing bonus physical damage and cause them to be feared for 1 second.