• Aphostropils

    Hello guys :)

    I am playing LOL since mid/end S4 and I think that I start understanding how things are working in the game . But I have few questions that are bothering me ...

    - There are items for APC's that are granting magic resist , AOE magic resist debuff and armor . I know that the meta is kind of tanky now , and that few items have been tweaked/reworked or changed . Why there are no AD items that grants some armor or armor reduction debuff (AOE) that could be useful for ADCasters and other attack damage oriented champions ? Would it be too broken to see an AD item granting for example a Zhonya like stats and passiv ?

    - I quite don't understand what makes the meta's shifting . What makes the meta changing and evolving ? What are the most…

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  • Aphostropils

    I honestly think that the new masteries are BAD .

    Wasn't RIOT saying that they wanted to diversify the game ? I can see that diversity in game with 8 Thunderlords ...

    I want AP Carries to be AP Carries , ADC s to be ADC s , and tanks to be actual tanks . In season 5 , if you took for example 9/21 in the defensive tree , you actually HAD some defense . In this season , well , at lvl 1 , with almost every tank you can imagine , you are as squishy as ADC and APC , which isn't normal .

    In my opinion , there is an insufficient number of masteries , which puts limits to every role of this game .

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  • Aphostropils

    Hello everyone ! 

    I would like to share with you my 1st champion concept called : Casper , The Fool's Fear

    Casper is a spiritual entity .

    Role : Mage , Assasin , Tank , Fighter

    Range : Mid-range  Ressource : None

    PASSIVE : Division

    Whenever Casper is damaged , one of his members separates from him . Capped to 5 .

    Every separated member gives Casper additional HP and resistances . 

    This effect lasts up to 6s , after the duration , the member reconnects to Casper's body .

    Additional HP : +35 per stack up to a maximum of 160/225/275/325 HP .

    Additional resistances : +4.5 Armor and MR per stack up to 22.5/27.5/32.5/37.5 .

    Increasing every 5th champion level : lvl 1/lvl 6/ lvl 11 / lvl 16

    HP per stack : +35 / +45 / +55 / +65

    Arm and Mr per stack : +4.5 / +5…

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