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Hello guys :)

I am playing LOL since mid/end S4 and I think that I start understanding how things are working in the game . But I have few questions that are bothering me ...

- There are items for APC's that are granting magic resist , AOE magic resist debuff and armor . I know that the meta is kind of tanky now , and that few items have been tweaked/reworked or changed . Why there are no AD items that grants some armor or armor reduction debuff (AOE) that could be useful for ADCasters and other attack damage oriented champions ? Would it be too broken to see an AD item granting for example a Zhonya like stats and passiv ?

- I quite don't understand what makes the meta's shifting . What makes the meta changing and evolving ? What are the most important things that can change the meta ?

- We all know that every champion has it's role to fill , has his own attributes (Fighter/Assasin , Mage/Assassin , Marksman etc ) and they seem to be paired logically . Would it be too broken if a champion who fills the role's of , let's say , Marksman/Tank or Marksman/Support existed ? How badly it would influence the game ? After all , LOL is a game too , so why not letting some illogical ideas let in ?

- And my last question is :  On my champions that I am playing , i always tend to build damage early (2 items) and then go for resistances and health . Is it a better idea to adapt your build path depending on the game state or blindly folllowing your build path no matter what ?

Thank you for taking the time for reading this post coming from a "noob player" . Have a nice day and cheers ! :)

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