Emile674 Brilliance

Ok so, these are ideas for skins I've been brewing for a while now, and I'd like to share them with you all.

My Skin Concepts:

  • Woodshop Draven: Draven weilds two saws, wears a flannelette shirt and jeans and glasses or safety goggles.
  • Vandal Garen: Another adition to the Vandal skin series, Garen wears a biker jacket, long hair and his sword is replaced with the bench of a bar.
  • Undercover Katarina: A new take on Katarina, her clothes are replaced with latex, her blades turned into fine daggers and her hair is black, tied in a pony tail. 
  • Dog Show Warwick: I realise Warwick has many skins, but this is a more playful version. His hair is groomed, his armour is more regal, and a collar with a leash dangles from his neck as he runs.
  • (Legendary) Home Run Yi: A very enoyable type of legendary skin. Yi is dressed in the typical batter's uniform, and his blade is replaced with a bat. His VO is changed, referring to commonly known baseball phrases, 'You're out!' when he kills an enemy champion with his ultimate. His heal animation is replaced with him leaning on his bat, and when he uses his ultimate, his baseball cap turns backwards and he has new VO such as: 'Let's hit this one outta the park.' His Recall animation starts with him tapping the bat on his toes, then preparing to swing. A ball flies from out of the screen, and Yi stikes it, sending it flying. This continues until he reaches the base, and you can hear a voice faintly say: 'It's outta here!'

Post in the comments whether you'd like to see some of these in game, or if you think I should improve some of them, or even some of your own concepts. maybe someone will spot it and consider it!