Hey everyone, I started in and have been dabbling in the jungle all through season 4, from the announcement of the new jungle items as well as the extra buffs and overall other changes, I find myself as excited to dive into the S5 jungle as I was to dive into the jungle for the first time upon obtaining my armor seals. Now that they're actualy out and live this feeling has increased even more. So naturally I'm curious as to what everyone thinks so far.

From what I've seen most junglers tend to take the Ranger item as the AoE smite increases the clear speeds. I've not dabbled much, but has anyone else played with the other items? Obviously the enchantments are far more situation/jungler dependant than the items themselves. What are your experiences? Any junglers you used to love that are no longer as viable? Any that weren't that are now? Any nightmares that have subsided into a manaegable state? Or any junglers you'd consider Insta-Ban worthy? Let's get some S5 discussion going.