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    Yoth'Azj's attack damage is increased by a percentage of his bonus health. 

    |description2 = After 0.35 seconds, Yoth'Azj violently slams his arm into the ground in front of him, slowing nearby enemies for 3 seconds. Enemies within 150 range of Yoth'Azj also take physical damage and are stunned for 1 second.

    |leveling =  % of bonus health}} |leveling2 =


    |range = 600 |cooldown = 15 |cost = |costtype = Mana }}

    |cooldown = 12 |cost = |costtype = Mana }}  Clouds the target's mind with agony, dealing magic damage over 3 seconds as long as they stay within 460 range of Yoth'Azj.

    If the leash is not broken after 3 seconds, the target is afflicted with one stack of Eternal Suffering, increasing the damage they take from Suffering by 25% for 10 se…

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