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    Bjarni, the Titanslayer is a concept champion for League of Legends.

    Bjarni does not have any cost related to his abilities and the use of his abilities are only limited by cooldowns. Bjarni instead uses Fury as a secondary resource for the Passive effect on Glacial Blood. Bjarni generates 1 Fury every time he auto-attacks. Fury lingers for 12 seconds before decaying at a rate of 12 Fury per second. Fury is only used for the bonus hp5 granted by the passive effect of Glacial Blood, but fury will still generate prior to gaining that ability.

    and equal to .


    On every 4th Hit, Bjarni deals additional physical damage equal to which ignores a percentage of the target's armor, as well slowing their attack and movement speed by 25% for 2 seconds.

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