• Aronzei

    Zac - Concept Remake

    July 23, 2013 by Aronzei

    Hello! This aronzei and this is my concept remake of Zac.

    I actually made an AD Zac and it was really fun. With a and diving in with , attacking then using the active, made a decent burst. So I thought, "Why not make him change forms along with AD? In fact, why not make him scale with AD?". And this happened.

    See when Zac files came out, he was presented with 3 forms - one that grows, one with spikes, and the blob form. See here.

    I always thought was expected (and will morph him into that clawed creature) but when we all played him, we knew that his builds are limited. For a blob of varying forms, his viable builds is ironically limited to only one. With this idea, it makes him playable as AD, AP and tanky. However this is just a concept (…

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