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ArtMaster7 November 8, 2014 User blog:ArtMaster7

Fan Art by Me: What do you think? I made this because I believe Ahri fits to have a valentine skin. I don't named this as Heartseeker Ahri, coz I know Heartseekers are for archers only. So I just named it as "Valentine Ahri", don't know if it's a good name though. If not, could you recommend some?

Another thing. What particular theme would Ahri fit for a skin? I would like a Dragon Slayer skin, but I don't think it fits for her. Drawing a Dragon Slayer skin would be cool you know, hahaha, that's what I like, dragons and stuffs that's why I plan to make another fan art featuring "Dragon Slayer Ahri", just for fun. I'd like to know your opinion 'bout this if you would like to share :D.

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