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  • Arthuxx


    February 1, 2014 by Arthuxx

    Within the Ionian lore's and myths, stories tell of a Sound Bearer. A person who can control and shift sound and use it too tear apart objects just by using the force of the sound. In the past the 3 Sound Bearers used there natural gift for evil and to throw down every religion possible and to make everyone believe that sound is the truth all over Valoran. There reign came too a stop when the high Intellectuals of Ionia and the Shadow isles intervened with there reign and put a final stop to the 3 sound Bearers.

    Thousands of years have past, and Neylo was born. Coincidentally enough Neylo's parents were Sound bearer worshipers. So they were hated through Ionia, they lived on the outskirts of Ionia by the mountains. Where they could worship …

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