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  • Ashy123

    The Holy Knight

    November 22, 2012 by Ashy123

    Ok so this is my first blog, I have a ton of champ ideas but i'm gonna post my most recent champ idea, tell me what you think :D.

    So basically this champ is named "Gwyn The Holy Knight" Im not sure yet if Gwyn should be a male or female yet, personally I like the idea of a female champ in full knight armor, but whenever i think of Gwyn i see a dude. Gwyn's lore goes Gwyn was recurited into the Ionian army at a young age because of his/her ability to control the powers of light far surpassed that of anyone his/her's age. The older Gwyn got the more powerful he/she got becoming more and more feared by those around her. Although Gwyn had possessed massive control over the light, he/she possessed an even more powerful sense of justice, often no…

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