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  • Astanas7

    Why hello, there. Looks like you've stumbled into...

    So why don't you stay for a spell and allow me to create some interest in the most underrated game mode there ever was - Dominion. Now, you might be asking yourself: "What is this Dominion thing this insanely handsome fellow is talking about?" Well, why not let Phreak himself introduce it for ya bud!

    Ah, 2011. What a wild and crazy time.

    If you're looking to start out Dominion, here's a handy beginner's guide in video form, just long enough to describe all the things you need to know before jumping into your first game of Dominion. Or, probably more realistically, your second game of Dominion after the first one alienated you.

    If you're looking for some more advanced tips and a deeper insight …

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  • Astanas7

    Champion rant: Hecarim

    February 21, 2014 by Astanas7

    Note: The following is the rambling of a mad man and shouldn't be taken too seriously.

    Look at my horse, my horse is appalling. This champs sucks - every single one of his abilities is awfully underwhelming. He can't do anything particular very well and playing him just makes you wish you were playing someone else.

    Seriously. I hate how I'm forced to play him because he has the best skin in the game.

    Hecarim helplessly flails his weapon around in his only attempt at damaging his opponents. There's not much wrong with this ability in particular, but with every other ability in his kit taking a fortnight to cooldown, this is his only way of dealing damage and it just isn't that impressive.

    Also, it is absolutely vital that you are certain you wi…

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  • Astanas7

    Skarner's new slow sucks and makes him more generic than he was before. Cleaning up old and antiquated kits is all well, but I utterly dislike the constant streamlining of champion mechanics. I've been playing since Beta and in my honest opinion, every single champion kit so far has something which really sets him apart from other champions - and with Skarner's new kit, I feel that part of it has gone from him. Sure, he has his hilarious Ult and autoattack-spellflinging mechanic, but now he's not even close to the kick-ass chaser he was before, efficiently hunting down enemies despite his very limited range. It's almost like a paradox - but the new kit just goes ahead and streamlines that gameplay design to a generic bruiser with a mid-ran…

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  • Astanas7

    So, after I've just got completely destroyed by a Yasuo in Dominion's bot lane despite putting every single gold I had into armor  it is starting to dawn on me that Dominion is a completely broken game mode. I was just hugging the turret as Yorick and he could just walk up to my point and slice through both me and my clone like the robots from those horrible Star Wars prequels.

    A huge fan of Dominion - in fact, it is pretty much all I play these days. Quickfind consistently gives me a hidden elo average of 1850-2100. I see the same few people over and over again in Dominion, though that may just be because barely anyone plays this game mode. I frequently see people ranked at Platinum and DIamond and have even seen quite a few Challenger bor…

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  • Astanas7

    Remember that guy? Yeah, that's still an actual champion in the game.

    There's always tales of a Sion rework being in the works, but by now it feels like the rework has been in the works since the beta of the game in 1982. So, just let me share some of my ideas on why he needs a rework and how best to fix him.

    First off, his mechanics are all over the place and he suffers from the same build sickness as Warwick and Shaco do. He scales with just about every stat you can get in the game, making it very hard to get into him and also making him feel limited in one way or another, no matter what you build. And with Sion in particular, it's like he has two very different kits thrown into one - the kit of an AP burst magician and the kif of a melee …

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